Marketers still under value America’s MAJORITY MINORITY

Marketers still under-value and under-spend on America’s MAJORITY MINORITY – the US Hispanic Consumer Market. The rationalizations range from bandwidth to C-Suite buy-in, logistics language issues, general market agency slow-walks, and more. Unless you’re generating as much business as you want, none of them make much sense.

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Fact: Hispanics are Essential

  Latinos represent 22% of the US Population. But when it comes to front line jobs that keep America running, the data tells quite a different story.
In California, up to 85% of
the workers in many of the essential service industries are Hispanic.

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Shopping during COVID19

The Covid-19 crisis is a challenge to our industry. One thing is for sure – we are all in this together as a community. We’d like to share our approach to powering through this and beyond – for d2H, our clients and the entire Hispanic DRTV ecosystem.

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Infomercials still RULE!

The infomercial as we know it is evolving. We unbundle its core features and illustrate how to repurpose infomercial content for any Spanish-language video channels. Here are some lessons that CPG companies might have to teach us in the Hispanic DRTV industry.

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The Hispanic Absence in Hollywood

We have just come out of yet another award season and one more year has gone by without the universal recognition that Latinos are not making any progress either in front or behind the camera. The numbers tell the story.

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When doesn’t a total market strategy work?

There are at least three industries where a Total Market approach to Multicultural marketing makes absolutely no sense. This infographic makes the point for a more “whole market” or culture-focused creative and media approach to targeting Hispanics.

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Under Representation in Media Spend

US Hispanic ad spend is at 6% of the total US ad spend, while comprising 20% of the market and even more across key demographics. 

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Authenticity in Spanish Advertising and Marketing in the US

12 Steps to Authenticity

This checklist is a guideline to achieve authentic and efficient Spanish-language messaging to Hispanic consumers.

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The Browing of the US Economy

The Browning of the US Economy

Hispanic Immigrants and the Hispanic Community are caught in the cross-hairs of today’s Culture Wars. How important is the Hispanic Consumer Market to the US Economy?

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The Power of Spanish Language

The Power of the Spanish Language

How important is Spanish in Hispanic Advertising today? The averages tell one story, the absolute numbers tell another. Spanish advertising is a powerful force.

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64 Million US Hispanics with $1.7 Trillion purchasing power

$1.7 Trillion Hispanic Purchasing Power

Hispanic purchasing power continues to soar. What is holding up Spanish Advertising budgets?

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Viejennials vs. Hispanic Millennials

Viejennials vs. Millennials

Millennials may be driving ad spends; but impactful Hispanic Advertising ROI comes when targeting “viejennials”.

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