Choosing the Right Hispanic Agency

December 17, 2020 – Hispanics represent roughly 20% of the U.S. consumer market which means that choosing the right D2C agency to grow your agency is more than just a wise choice, it’s imperative. While the process may seem daunting at first blush, it is not. Simply apply the same search criteria you used to choose a general market agency, but with the added consideration of Hispanic Market IQ –  in other words, the skills that come from cultural competence, experience and authenticity.  

Advertising Agency culture is important

Basically, and as Ad Age has pointed out, when you hire an ad agency, you hire a culture. You should be comfortable with your advertising agency, whether Hispanic or otherwise. The agency is an extension of your team. You should be able to interact with your account team seamlessly and trust them completely. Introducing the Spanish language and Hispanic culture into your marketing mix is challenging enough, making it imperative to buy into the prospective agency’s vision and philosophy. Your agency should be collaborative, innovative and proactive. 

Does the agency share your outlook & approach?

At the end of the day, ad agencies are managed by people, so top-level chemistry is critical. The right agency should be led by a group of people who share your outlook and approach to the work. However, processes are as important as personalities. Performance and ROI will ultimately come from the strategic alignment of interests and priorities between the agency and the advertiser.

Authenticity is critical

So how does this all translate to hiring a Hispanic D2C advertising agency? In our infographic this month we illustrate several key agency features to evaluate.  One of these in particular applies to the need for cultural competency and Hispanic IQ.  Authenticity is about more than translating language and adapting for culture.  It is about cultural sincerity and fluency in both your media and messaging mix.  It is the ability to successfully enculturate your campaigns from English to Spanish that defines what we call the Authenticity Index of an agency. This is in the end is what matters most…. understanding the cultural buying triggers of our audience. 

The essential criteria for hiring the right Hispanic Advertising Agency

After you apply the best search criteria to selecting your ideal Hispanic agency, you must evaluate how you want to approach Latino consumers. Treating the Hispanic consumer market as a stand-alone segment will afford you the opportunity to strategize using culturally specific methods along with the wide-angle total market approach assuring that all Latino consumers are being addressed effectively and respectfully. This will drive consumer engagement and ultimately activation among all consumers – not just the more acculturated who may be more exposed to your general market efforts.

Hispanic Advertising Agencies Understand the Resilience of the Spanish-Speaking consumer market

The strength and lasting value of the Spanish-speaking consumer is undeniable.  This resilient and additive component of our economy will continue to drive the growth of the American economy and your business. 

 It is the responsibility of both the client and the agency to identify brand and transactional growth opportunities in the Hispanic Consumer Market.  The right agency, with the right chemistry, campaign management approach and organizational culture, along with a proven Authenticity Index, will make all the difference. 

For more discussion about How to Choose a Hispanic Agency, check out the infographic in our APPROACH section on our website,

Patricia Testa – Managing Partner – D2H Partners, LLC – 2020

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