Marketing Agency d2H Partners Acquires Arenas Group and Becomes the First Hispanic Company in the Nation to Include Entertainment and Direct-to-Consumer Capabilities Under One Roof

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why Choose Us?

We’re d2H Partners – but everyone calls us d2Hispanic – a Los Angeles based full-service Hispanic Advertising Agency​. We are a specialized agency focused on D2C and B2B​ campaigns targeting immigrant, first-generation and “billenial” Hispanics.

You know your product or service is a great fit for the Hispanic market – you just don’t know how to get there. d2H is more than just a Hispanic media agency, we are here to ​create, adapt, re-purpose and deliver​ whatever it takes for your business to perform as well or better among Latinos than your core general market customers. d2H will show you the path to profitably ​enculturate​ your message, your media and your metrics.

Fluent. Hispanic. Lift.

“What can I say? These are my ‘go-to’ guys for Hispanic. Period.”

~ Kevin Coyle, Director Media & Analytics, Omega XL Great Healthworks

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“The best partners I have ever worked with in this industry.”

~ Eric Rolene, Marketing Director, Teeter