our History

d2H Partners has become an advertising force to be reckoned with. This is no small feat as Hispanic Direct Marketing is for all practical purposes a niche within a niche.
We have built our Hispanic ad agency with a singular purpose – to prove that done right, “speaking Hispanic” is the most leverageable opportunity available to most marketers in the U.S. who have yet to discover its true potential.

Along the way, d2H has built the most experienced and specialized D2C Hispanic ad agency team.

our Team

“The best partners I have ever worked with in this industry.”

~ Eric Rolene, Marketing Director, Teeter

Marcelino Miyares, Jr. - d2H Managing Partner

marcelino Miyares, Jr.
Managing Partner

Patricia Testa - d2H Managing Partner

patricia Testa
Managing Partner

Ben Fadavi - d2H Vice President Media

ben Fadavi
Vice President Media

Leticia Lopez - d2H Short Form Media Manager

leticia Lopez
Short Form Media Manager

Beatriz Martinez - d2H Long Form Media Manager

beatriz Martinez
Long Form Media Manager

d2H's Yoda the Blind Cat

Feline in Charge (FIC)


“I am sure I do more business in Spanish than anyone else in my category, and that I owe to d2H.”

~ Miles Dupree, COO, Omega XL Great Healthworks