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June 7, 2023/by

The Hispanic Truths That Shall Set You Free

There are endless articles, reports and blogs dealing with the power, the importance, and the resiliency of the Hispanic consumer – not to mention everything that has been written about the numerous myths, and sometimes outright ethnic fallacies, surrounding Hispanic consumers.
April 26, 2022/by Staff Writer

Are We Crazy to Run a Hispanic Agency?

Nine years ago, my partner and I opened the doors of d2H Partners with two burning questions. The first was a bit visceral – “Are we crazy to open a Hispanic advertising agency?” The second more existential –
March 24, 2022/by Staff Writer

The Hispanic Positivity Vacuum

The largest anti-Latino racial massacre in recent history took place on August 3, 2019, when a 21-year-old believer in the white supremacist conspiracy theory the “Great Replacement” walked into a Walmart in the Texas border city of El Paso with an assault-style rifle and began shooting, intending to target Latino, specifically Mexican, people, according to a federal affidavit. Twenty-three people died, most of them Latino.
February 2, 2022/by Staff Writer

My Dollar Buys as Much as Your Dollar – Do You Care?

I cannot help but feel the million cuts of micro-aggressions whenever I ask myself this question. If my dollar is worth as much as your dollar, then why do you spend so much less reaching out for my business? I write today as much a Hispanic consumer as I am a marketer to my community.
December 26, 2021/by Staff Writer


The term LatinX that purports to describe Latinos in a gender-inclusive, non-binary way, has become commonplace in some quarters – but certainly not among Hispanics.

So, who is using LatinX? Opponents of transphobia and sexism and those who embrace the latest lingo. The term appears in academic research papers; liberal politicians, social scientists and civil rights litigators use it. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci uses it. In fact, in 2018 Merriam-Webster officially added it to the dictionary.
November 14, 2021/by Staff Writer

The Hispanic Covid-19 Misinformation Gap

A quick look at our infographic this month and you cannot help but come to one conclusion – Hispanics are vaccinating for COVID-19 at an alarmingly low rate relative to the US population in general. Ironically, there is research out there that Hispanics want to get vaccinated as soon as possible.
September 29, 2021/by Staff Writer

Hispanics Are High On Cannabis

US Hispanics have historically been linked to cannabis, but until recently that association was marked by racial inequality. In fact, cannabis was referred to as “marijuana” “because anti-cannabis factions wanted to underscore the drug’s ‘Mexican-ness,’ meant to stoke anti-immigrant sentiments,” according to Matt Thompson from NPR’s Code Switch blog. It’s also the reason why some cannabis advocates today consider “marijuana” a derogatory term.
July 22, 2021/by Staff Writer

What Makes Latino Content… Latino?

Most of the debate related to people of color in the media comes down to two subjects — how are we portrayed and do we see ourselves enough on-screen. The topic of on-screen representation seems to get more politicized with every award show, much like everything else in our increasingly polarized society today.
June 4, 2021/by Staff Writer

Covid Will Not Kill Hispanic Economic Success

Almost one year ago, I wrote about Hispanics being essential to the well-being of the U.S. economy. This economic essentiality has cost our community dearly and yet the resiliency shown by Latinos is what makes us an unequivocal economic growth engine in this country.
April 27, 2021/by Staff Writer

Measuring Authenticity in Spanish Advertising

The last time we took on the subject of authenticity in Spanish language advertising campaigns, we outlined at least 12 red flags. To those of us in the multicultural marketing business this may come as second nature, but this issue is somehow still generating discourse among advertisers.
March 28, 2021/by Staff Writer

The Role of Spanish in Media, Marketing & Entertainment

Spanish is not going away, especially when there are 46MM Spanish-speaking consumers in the US today.

While the topics of acculturation and the growth of the Hispanic market coming from US-born Latinos, have been used to undermine the belief that Hispanics continue to use their native language, the truth is that Spanish language media and advertising continue to thrive in this country.
February 26, 2021/by Staff Writer
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